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The Rider of the Red Horses Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 26/01/21

The Lord took me into a vision, and I saw a purple veil, which was partly open, and as I looked intently through the opening of the veil, I saw the glimmer of a Jasper Stone within a golden crown sitting upon an ivory cushion which had golden gilt edging around it; and a marker of 700 months in-scripted across the front of it, in gold letters.  And as I looked further, I also saw ruby jewels which were set into the crown, and they were gleaming as bright and beautiful, as the sun.  And I saw a a large amount of preparations being made, behind the room with the veil, and that there were multitudes of angels preparing for battle, and that there were sharpened spears that they were carrying; and they were gathering both red and white horses into that heavenly chamber; which seemed to be the size of a huge stadium. 

And then I saw Jesus enter into the room behind the veil and the light was almost blinding, as I saw Him place the jewel encrusted crown upon His head; and then He pointed at a place in the distance that looked like Israel; but I saw that He was headed to Europe and then Samaria first where the Asherah poles still stood.  I looked further into the distance and I was enabled by the Holy Spirit to see that there were children from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and that they were tethered to the
Asherah poles; and I saw that there was a large entity clothed in black, standing with them; and that this dark spirit had a machete in his hand, and that every time one of the young prisoners struggled to get free, the black entity would then raise his machete to threaten them.

I looked again at Jesus and He was standing beside what looked to be thousands of angel armies; and He looked to be giving them orders, and He was wearing the
jasper and ruby crown at that
time.   And as I stood there in the heavenly realm, I saw Jesus motion to the angels and they brought to me a red horse, and I caught my breath, as He said to me:  You shall be known My Daughter, as ‘A Rider of Red Horses,’ for you shall strike terror in the heart of the enemy; as the sons and daughters of Japheth and Ishmael are freed by My Spirit and are made to fly like an eagle.’

Then I looked behind me and there were red horses, as far as the eye could see. And the Lord declared:  ‘The intercessors of this age and the warriors of My making, shall ride the red horses I supply for them, both in Spirit and in Truth.’.  ‘And they shall join with you,’ said the Lord.  ‘to secure the lands of Europe, the Middle East, and beyond, and clear the way for an establishment of a Kingdom Full of Peace, Love and Joy, as the Glory of the Lord fills the earth forever.’ 

He further declared with great power:  ‘The riders of the red horses
shall rescue the sons and daughters of Japheth and the children of Ishmael, and at last they shall find their rest.’ Then the vision ended.
The Planting of the Lord Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 28-05-21

The Lord took me into a vision and I heard trumpets blasting, and I knew it was to mark the beginning of a new era.  I heard the whispering voice of the Holy Spirit say, ‘The time of establishing patterns and foundations born of My Spirit, is now upon the earth, for the mechanisms of Ezekiel’s wheel, as mentioned in Ezekiel 10,  are now finding their purpose in  this hour.’  ‘For the creatures in heaven and earth are now becoming one, and an alignment that has not been known before, shall release a great planting of the Lord, beyond your wildest imaginings.’ ‘Placements are being considered,’ said the Lord, ‘and a positioning for harvest is of critical importance at this time.’
‘Heaven and Earth groan,’ He said, ‘for the righting of the wrongs in generations to come; shall be of primary importance.’

Then I saw Angels emerge from the heavenly realm, and they were carrying and placing within the nations of the earth, intricate patterns of heavenly design; which looked like gold stained glass; and the Lord said: ‘The earth and all that reside within it, shall take on new patterns by My Spirit.’ ‘The patterns are permanent and will remain with marked boundaries, that I have ordained and My Creation shall now align with Me, as I protect it from the evil one.’ ‘This is a fortuitous time,’ said the Lord of Hosts, ‘as I am ordering the steps  of the righteous to assist the earth’s inhabitants to receive justice, and salvation, during a time of great travails upon My Creation.’  ‘Tell My People, that I Shall be with them, I AM, El Elyon, the Most High God, and I shall keep them in the palm of My hands.’ Then the vision ended.

The Message of Unity Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 24.08.21


I saw large Flocks of Carrier Pigeons, carrying thousands of messages from the Third Heaven.

And I heard the Lord say:  ‘Listen for the messages from My Kingdom.’ ‘For I am sending messages with detailed instructions and yet, they are written for discerning hearts; so they are not trampled underfoot by the unwise,’ declared the Lord.  


‘The steps of affirmation are at hand, ask My Beloved, will they walk upon the winds and discern which voice is Mine?’ ‘It is time to stand in My courts and understand the present and future goals and objectives of My Kingdom,’ said the Lord.  ‘I AM Not a Visceral Being that floats outside the peripheries of space and time: but I Create Time!’  ‘And I shall set the boundaries and enable My Beloved to push back the dark kingdoms to bring about great rescue and establishment of My Will in the Coming Days.’

‘This is the season of Isaiah 2:4,  for I AM requiring My Beloved to beat down their swords into ploughshares and to fashion their spears into pruning hooks.’ ‘For War which has caused division and strife within My Body, shall no longer exist within My Ranks, for the Dragon stands outside the door and a Uniting of Forces shall reap great victories in the coming days. ‘ ‘The Battle Belongs to Me, and the Outcome has been Decided.’ ‘Let Us Walk Together, as One,’ said the Lord of Hosts, ‘This is My Will.’

The Keys of Glory Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 11.01.22

I was in the Presence of the Lord, as I was praying, and the Lord took me into a vision and I saw many ribbons of varying colours and there were angels with workman’s aprons all around the ribbons and they were anointing them with oil. Then I saw the angels fly and take the ribbons and enter-twine them in the gates of capital cities around the earth; and I saw the gates suddenly light up with the Glory and Power of God again and again.  Praise God!

Then I saw two angels appear either side of me, and one of them touched my hands and I felt a warmth travel up my arm and I knew somehow that I was meant to go with them.  Then they took me to what looked to be a sort of maze with many corridors, and I saw that these were heavenly passage ways, that could only be travelled through by means of the spirit.  And I sensed that these passageways led to heavenly dimensions that had been travelled upon by very few.

The angels were still beside me, and I also sensed they were showing me the untapped reserves of the power and glory of God.  Then the angel dressed in golden garments on my right, started speaking and though I was mesmerised by my surroundings, I listened closely
to hear his words as he said:  ‘The heavenly dimensions of our Father’s Kingdom shall now be made known in this hour to chosen vessels who have chosen to divide themselves from the darkness of the earth and walk in the divine light of God.’
‘For at His command, the gates of capital cities around the earth shall be opened to receive His Glory in preparation of the allotted seasons to come.’ ‘This is the time of the opening of the floodgates,’ the angel said, ‘and the current of the river of God shall wash away all wickedness.’ 

Then he placed a large ornate key in my hand and he said: ‘The Lord has called His Prophets as key-holders at this time and He will enable them to walk down new corridors of heavenly dimensions, as the Wisdom of God is released to secure the cities of this world for the Kingdom of God.’  ‘This is our Father’s will and shall come to pass for a Faithful Generation.’ ‘Tell the people to arise and receive His Glory.’ Then the vision ended.
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