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The Birthing of the Mighty Harvesters
Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 12.04.23

The Lord spoke to me in the night hours and He said: ‘My Daughter, I am now bringing form and shape to a movement that I AM birthing in the womb of all those walking without compromise by My Spirit.  Yes, though many grounds upon the earth are cursed, as is spoken of in Genesis 3:17-19, there will be those that are formed and shaped by the Potter’s Hands in this hour, that will walk upon those grounds and redeem them by My Anointing which breaks every yoke.

Many in My Body are listless and dissatisfied and lusting after the things of the flesh in this hour. Yet, My Spirit shall sweep them off their feet as I form and shape them after repentance from a formerly fluid existence.

Foundations are being laid, proclaimed the Living God, and My creation is being measured and held in the balance.  For the substance of My Spirit must be carried by strong vessels and pure hearts.  Tell them, said the Lord, to put down the distractions, and to take up the sword of the Spirit, for the thistles and the thorns on a cursed land must be cut away, so that the multitudes of My Harvest can tread upon the highway of their God.

I have shown the way of the birth canal; but the Time of the Birthing of Strong Children of the Spirit, Confident in their Destiny and Purposes Before Me, has not yet come, said the Lord of Hosts.  ‘Eat well from My Table,’ said the Lord, ‘and be excited about the growth and equipping yet to come, for I AM calling Mighty Harvesters by My Spirit and they shall turn hard and barren lands into places of unending provision by My Spirit when they are finally birthed to carry out My Will. 

The Windmills of My Spirit are  turning even now, says the Lord, for I have commanded all of heaven to assist you, as you bring forth the mighty birthings of these harvesters in times yet to come.  And the nations of the earth shall feel the impact of a Sovereign Move of God in not so distant days of Maranatha, as such are the happenings, that I have declared shall come to pass very soon, said the Living God.

The Couch Horse Awakening Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 27.04.23

The Lord took me into a vision and I saw reclining couches with patterns of horses upon them and much of the Body of Christ (men and women) sat reclining on them and they were sleeping, texting or watching films online.  And then I saw an angel appear and he was radiant as he emanated tremendous light all around his body and on his feet he wore gold slippers. and he blew a trumpet with three long blasts… and as he did this, I saw the horses that were formerly horse patterns in the couches, come alive, and the men and women of God who had been reclining on them, either asleep or distracted, suddenly opened their eyes wide as they started perceiving things by the Spirit for the first time. 

And then suddenly, they leaped onto the backs of the horses and rode by the winds of the Spirit, as lightenings lit the sky and thunders rolled in their wake. Then I heard the Lord say:  ‘I am awakening My People from a void which has engulfed them.’. ‘For many have submitted to a Godless society and said we cannot change it, so we will just try to survive it.’.  ‘Tell My Children, these attitudes and actions mean that they have been seduced by the Father of lies, and that they have lain down under the weight of this lie: but this is not the direction I have destined them to go, nor the attitude I have preordained for them to have, as an end-time generation,’ said the Living God.

‘This is the hour of Jehovah Nissi,’ said the Lord of Hosts.  ‘For I Am calling My People, to walk under the Banner of the Almighty God in this hour.’. ‘The Time is right,’ said the Lord, ‘to live by the Spirit as the four winds of My Spirit shall carry My People like riders on horses by Winds of My Making.’  And I said it long ago and I AM declaring it once again today: ‘that every battle belongs to Me,’ and if outcomes do not turn out aligned with My Purposes, then it means My People are not yet arising and taking up the weapons and provisioning,  that I, the Lord, am granting them by My Spirit.’

‘The trumpet is sounding,’ said the Lord, ‘and the time for the harvest draws nigh upon the earth.’  ‘And spiritual  vigilance is not only preferable but crucial at this time.’. ‘Come out from under the weight of a defiled society,’ said the Lord,  ‘and pour out the cleansing waters of My Spirit.’  ‘For greater visionary prowess and spiritual empowerment by My Spirit shall release governmental whirlwinds of change, that will rock generations in the decades and years to come,’ declared the Lord,’ ‘for I am calling My People to Breathe in and release life by My Spirit, for this is My Sovereign Mandate for this, your day of appointment.’  

The Keys of Glory Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 11.01.22

I was in the Presence of the Lord, as I was praying, and the Lord took me into a vision and I saw many ribbons of varying colours and there were angels with workman’s aprons all around the ribbons and they were anointing them with oil. Then I saw the angels fly and take the ribbons and enter-twine them in the gates of capital cities around the earth; and I saw the gates suddenly light up with the Glory and Power of God again and again.  Praise God!

Then I saw two angels appear either side of me, and one of them touched my hands and I felt a warmth travel up my arm and I knew somehow that I was meant to go with them.  Then they took me to what looked to be a sort of maze with many corridors, and I saw that these were heavenly passage ways, that could only be travelled through by means of the spirit.  And I sensed that these passageways led to heavenly dimensions that had been travelled upon by very few.

The angels were still beside me, and I also sensed they were showing me the untapped reserves of the power and glory of God.  Then the angel dressed in golden garments on my right, started speaking and though I was mesmerised by my surroundings, I listened closely
to hear his words as he said:  ‘The heavenly dimensions of our Father’s Kingdom shall now be made known in this hour to chosen vessels who have chosen to divide themselves from the darkness of the earth and walk in the divine light of God.’
‘For at His command, the gates of capital cities around the earth shall be opened to receive His Glory in preparation of the allotted seasons to come.’ ‘This is the time of the opening of the floodgates,’ the angel said, ‘and the current of the river of God shall wash away all wickedness.’ 

Then he placed a large ornate key in my hand and he said: ‘The Lord has called His Prophets as key-holders at this time and He will enable them to walk down new corridors of heavenly dimensions, as the Wisdom of God is released to secure the cities of this world for the Kingdom of God.’  ‘This is our Father’s will and shall come to pass for a Faithful Generation.’ ‘Tell the people to arise and receive His Glory.’ Then the vision ended.
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