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Hong Kong Revelations given to Leisa Ebere on 10/01/20

I was asked recently by a dear saint from Hong Kong to seek God for his homeland, and I entered into a deep place of revelation and it felt as if I was suspended in air, hovering over the land, as the Lord showed me what is happening in Hong Kong, and what is holding that place under a curse of the enemy. In the vision, the Lord showed me poisonous tea leaves, soldiers, and a woman giving birth to a child named hope and good fortune. And I saw that the destiny of Hong Kong hangs in the balance, and that the tea leaves signify that the old ways of magic and superstition are still heavily in force there, and is poisoning the minds of its' inhabitants. Also, I saw that soldiers were marching over the top of crowds of protesters. And I saw that the underground Christian church within Hong Kong is trying to birth a new destiny for their land.... but that there is a curse upon the land, due to mass murders and addictions caused by the opium trade which was perpetrated around the earth, due to the greed of British government officials over Hong Kong in the mid-19th century. God revealed to me then: 'That this must be rectified by the British people by repenting before Him of the great sin that was committed against the land of Hong Kong.' I also saw that God is aligning Himself with the prayers and petitions of His people, but that the curse must be broken in order for the land to be in a position of blessing and also, for it to fulfil its' God given destiny. The Lord showed me by the Spirit, that His heart is for Hong Kong, but that steps must be taken by the remnant church to set it free.


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