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The Golden Rod Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere, 15/11/19 @ 3 am

I was praying and a great vision came upon me and an angel appeared before me with so much light emanating from him, that I could not see his face. He had a navy blue garment on and seemed to be able to fly through the air, and he took me by the hand and brought me immediately to a city called Mogadishu, Somalia, and the angel took me underneath the city, down some stone steps, and he pointed out that the foundations of the city were not strong, because of the idolatry and witchcraft within it. ' He then showed me that the city was about to collapse, and I saw the angel take a long golden rod and he said, 'the golden rods mentioned in Revelation 21:15 were meant to measure this city, but now they will be used to divide and support the remnant of the Lord.' He then proceeded to prise some parts of the city away from the main city... where children and Christians lived, and their parts of the city flew up into the sky, and I knew somehow, that they were protected by the heavenly realm. Then I saw the angel lodge several of these golden rods underneath the children and the remnant to uphold them and keep them safe. The angel then took me by the hand again and suddenly we were in Sydney, Australia, and the angel did exactly the same thing with that city, as well. I then asked the angel, 'But what about the large charismatic ministry that abides here?' And the angel said simply, 'The evils of homosexuality and blasphemy have entered its' doors and the innocent must be protected.' Then I heard a voice from the heavens proclaim,' I am launching strategic winds by My Spirit, and these winds shall be blown upon by My angelic hosts and they shall pinpoint strategic places that will need the anointing that these appointed winds shall carry. For these anointed winds shall carry thousands upon thousands of jars of oil, and they shall burst forth in mighty displays of My Glory, and they shall be time released to cause people across the nations of the Earth, to experience a greater dimension of revelation in their lives. For I am imparting a higher level of knowing upon My Remnant, that will supersede all giftings of prophecy and discernment that has gone on before, said the Lord, for the days are growing darker, and as nightfall comes, eyes must be opened to perceive both My truth and My knowledge in the coming days. Blessed are the humble, for they shall see their God in all His might, said the Lord of Hosts.

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