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The Plagues of Australia Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 02/01/20

I had a vision a few nights ago, of millions of diseased rabbits across the country of Australia. And as I prayed, I heard the Lord say: 'The locust plague has come, the infestation of rabbits has come, the drought has come and now, the fires have come, as judgement across the land of Australia has been allowed by My Sovereign Hand.' 'What will it take to root out the child abuse there that has caused such pain and such torment?' 'The institutions are rife with the Spirit of Molech capturing whole generations with the abominations of the enemy.' 'National Repentance and laws actioned in righteousness are the only solutions to halt this carnage,' declared the Lord of Hosts. 'This is the Word of the Lord'.

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