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The Ringmaster Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 18/12/19

The Lord showed me, that there is a hard shift coming to America, that will stun the citizens of that country and indeed the nations of the Earth. Then the Lord took me into a vision, and I saw President Trump, as the ringmaster of a circus announcing what would happen next, to please the people of God, and yet, when he announced the next act, I saw that clowns came into the circus ring to belittle him, and to belittle the things of God. Then I heard the clowns declare: 'This Trump is like the sons of Sciva, he boasts of authority, but he has not yet learned that humility is the key to standing in such authority.' Then the Lord said,' And so I will allow the shirt to be ripped from his back during this testing time, but I will spare him as He learns My Ways.'

The Warning Bells Prophecy given to L. Ebere on 18/12/19

I heard bells ringing and then large angelic hands started sounding the alarm with the bells. Then I saw the American Patriot, Paul Revere, shouting, 'The British are coming, the British are coming.'. Then i asked the Lord, 'What does this mean?' and He said: 'My elect are being swept away by a British-centric mindset,' and are being distracted from My Purposes that will cause needless delays and dangers. ' Tell them to seek My Face and I will give them instruction in this hour.' 'It is time to go deeper and even underground in order to gather the prophetic remnant who will be used mightily in unity in the days ahead. '

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