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The Rushing Tide of God's Spirit Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 22/02/20

Wait for Me, declares the Lord, and I shall recover the plunder that the enemy has stolen and kept hidden for so long. For a gathering of the nations and an assembling of kingdoms is at hand: as I form and shape battalions of mighty men and women, for My Glory. And surely I will not be mocked, as My Indignation is poured out upon those that oppose Me and My Plans. And My Prophets shall have pure speech, as they declare My plans and strategies with pure motives. Yes, says the Lord, a humble people submitted to My Purposes, not their own, shall be the only ones moving in deep revelation and My mighty glorious power. Others will be counterfeits and only shadows of what their destinies were meant to be, says the Lord. I Am, even now, raising up those profiled and prepared by My Spirit. Be not afraid, People of God, for neither cultures, nor kingdoms, nor fame nor fortunes, will change the rushing tide of My Spirit. For the harvest is coming, says the Lord, and My Sons and Daughters shall be victorious!

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