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The Thailand Freedom Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 31/12/19

I saw a field of green grass and the beautiful Nong Nooch Botanical gardens, and then I saw the earth open up and I saw a teeming city of child traffickers spanning from Nong Nooch Village to Bangkok, Thailand. And I heard the Lord say: 'My judgement shall cut these evildoers off at the very heart of their operations, for I shall send floods continually, and drive them out of that land.' And just as the Thai government has purchased Harpoon missiles to target their enemies, so I am targeting the evil that has contaminated that land through human misery. For I have listened to those crying out on behalf of Thailand and their loved ones, and so, I shall cleanse the land, says the Lord of Hosts, and set the captives free forever. Selah!

Then I saw the waters receding and two Thai church leaders using garden hoes to break up the ground and I saw an angel come into view, with a scroll outstretched in his hands, and I knew somehow, that he was reading his announcement in the Thai language, as he declared: 'The harvest is coming.'

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