Locations Revelation Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere 24/03/20

I heard the Lord say:  'Vatican City has fallen, and 22 nations shall follow suit in the coming months, for the gods of Bashan are coming down, and My Name shall be lifted high, as rain from the windows of heaven comes down.'  'For peals of fire and a great shaking has been released for the betterment of mankind.' Then I saw a great white bird screeching, as it flew through the sky. and it sliced through the sky and then the earth, and I saw  glimpses of a great battle happening in the spirt realm, which mirrored on the Earth, and  I saw an angel standing in a golden ephod writing on a large scroll and it said 'Arneg  Italia'. And then the angel pointed to various global locations this company operates in throughout the earth.   I waited because I was not sure what the Angel was showing me, but then I saw the Angel step forwards and gently touch my forehead, and I heard within My Spirit, the countries marked for judgement are among those where this company dwells globally, but they shall arise with a new mandate, as will this company for The Lord has created them both for His purposes. Selah! 

Dear Torchlighters Friends and Family,


On 17 March 2020, the Lord gave me a mandate to raise up a sceptre of authority and to give revelations borne of His Spirit, each and every night on Facebook Live & Zoom, as we pray and war by the Spirit for the transformation, cleansing and very survival of the nations of the earth during this extreme COVD-19 Pandemic crisis, which sadly is taking so many lives, as it wreaks havoc wherever it goes.  This has not been easy, as I have been pressing into the Lord and crying out to Him for Revelation concerning these happenings night after night, whilst working for the NHS during the day.  Yet, God's grace is sufficient, and He has unearthed tremendous revelation during this powerful time.  The Lord has asked me to come on every night releasing what He has given me, and to lead His prophetic intercessors in corporate global prayers; to help to bring down the evil that is currently upon the earth; and to help to bring about righteousness upon the land, and these are the revelations He has given me concerning COVD 19, so far:

  1. That COVD-19 is a judgement allowed by God, due to Global Worldwide Human Trafficking, that hundreds of millions of people, especially women and children, are currently being victimised by.

  2. That this is the beginning of the the blowing of the Seven Trumpets spoken of Revelation 8:2, which a fiery judgement that has been cast into the waters; and COVD-19 is carried by Beluga Whales, who are carrying this virus, as they habitate in the Arctic Ocean; and that this has been passed onto fish and bats into connecting inland rivers of China, and has contaminated mankind.  In addition, 70 cruise ships have been docked as they have carried over 1000 contaminated victims, to destinations across the nations of the Earth, which has perpetuated worldwide contamination.  

  3. The Lord has said that the 'Blowing of the Seven Trumpets,' could last more than 80 years or more dependant upon His assigned timing, 'as no man knows the time or hour.'  But that this particular judgement, COVD 19, will last no more than 18 months and can be shortened; if the People of God lift up prayers corporately and war in the spirit; and if mankind repents of this terrible evil and turn their hearts to the Lord.

  4. This is a time of a great cleansing and awakening of the Body of Christ and the Nations of the Earth.  

  5. The Principalities and Powers that we are corporately praying and warring against are: Leviathan, Jezebel, the Whore of Babylon, and Marine Spirits, and these are the ones that have been positioned on demonic thrones in cities and nations around the earth; to cause sexual tyranny and abominations, perversion and oppression, and are the cause of this worldwide human trafficking issue.  Mankind is accountable because they have tolerated this terrible evil in their cities and nations, and have done very little to stop it at all.

  6. I had a vision and the Lord showed me through an angel standing in front of a scroll, a company called 'Arneg Italia.'  And this was a reference to 22 nations that have been marked for Judgement, and their Judgements are flowing over to other surrounding nations.   He did not show me that this company was directly involved in Human Trafficking, though they may be, but I believe as this company is in these 22 nations, that this is why it was used to give me clarity.  These nations are:  Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, the UK, the United States, Peru,  Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Kazakhstan, China, India, Serbia, Oceania, New Zealand, South Africa, and Norway.

  7. Also, the Lord has shown me that we must pray concerning specific Human Trafficking access points, such as: Dublin Port to Holy Island, Zimbabwe, Romania, and the Refugee Camps, as well as, San Rafael in the San Francisco area, Kazakhstan & Syria.

  8. The Lord has also given revelation that there will be food shortages, but that He will raise up a multi-national task force to assist many nations with new ways of food manufacturing and provision.  Also, that three national leaders would be afflicted with COVD-19  illness, and so far, this has happened to Prince Charles and Boris Johnson.

  9. He has also said He is designating specific places for heavenly portals in nations; as He will raise up places of 'Refreshing and Refuge' during this time of trials; and He is gathering His Prophets to speak specific words to bring about comfort and direction to help and assist the saints of God.

  10.  I have also seen that Father God said 'That the Vatican is falling due to Pope Francis blessing a Molech Idol, which has been placed at the very entrance of the Coliseum in Rome where Christians were once fed to the Lions, and their martyred voices cry out from the ground.'  Revelation 6:9-11


People of God, more revelation is coming to me every night, and I would ask that you join me every evening at 5:45 pm on Facebook Live and Zoom please, as we cry out to the Lord and make powerful prayers and declarations to bring the strongholds of the enemy down; and so that God's glorious purpose of cleansing and awakening the nations of the earth is fulfilled, and that He will release His great mercy to the innocent and set the captives free during this significant time in history, as we position ourselves for a harvest of souls.  May God preserve you and keep you.



Leisa Ebere

Torchlighters International MInistry