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Heading 2

The Golden Net Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere, on 20/12/20

The Lord took me into Vision and I was standing in a large fishing boat; and I saw a golden fishing net being cast by angels into stormy seas, with dark waters.   Yet, I felt perfectly calm standing in that boat; as there seemed to be a heavy anointing upon it, and I suddenly realised the heavenly beings were actually manning the sea vessel; and I saw a golden glow which seemed to emanate from their personages; as they worked with great joy and purpose upon the vessel.

Then I heard a great choir of angelic voices singing in crisp, clear, beautiful tones; with the high, sweet strains of violins serenading them, as the crescendo of their voices sang across the stormy seas in magnificent power.  And I felt great emotion, as a powerful wind swept over me, and I sensed a great freedom and peace descend profoundly upon both my mind and my body, as I basked in the beauty of The Lord’s Presence.

And then, I saw the turbulent waters surrounding the boat, become perfectly still, and the angels lifted the golden net from the waters, and I saw very blackened crabs, eels, sea snakes and octopus within the golden net; being tossed into what looked to be a large, burning fire; that was suspended just above the boat, and was positioned in mid air for the divine purpose of separation.

Then The Lord said in a tender voice, ‘The prayers of the Saints are causing a stirring within the Earth like none that has been experienced in times past, and yet, this purging must happen, in order for the Occupation of I and My People, to take place.’  ‘Tell My People to Embrace the Changes, Daughter of Zion,’ The Lord said.  ‘For I Mean them No Harm, and the Present Must Happen; in order for a Brighter Future to be Birthed.’  ‘I AM the Way, the Truth, and The Life, and I AM bringing forth a Tsunami to clear the Way for What is to Come,’ declared The Lord.  ‘For in the Next Thirty Years, My Creation shall experience Great Shifting and Change,’ said The Lord of Hosts, ‘as My Sovereign Arm Positions the Nations of the Earth, for The Harvest of their God.
The Time of the Great Assembling Prophecy Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 17/12/20
The Lord took me into a vision and started speaking to me and said:
‘The Word of the Lord shall be much required in the coming days, as the formation of prophet companies begins in great earnest.’  Then I heard a very loud creaking noise and I saw a large iron gate being slowly pushed open my multiples of angels.  And they were saying in musical voices to each other, ‘Yeshua is coming; but the prophets must make their proclamations first, so the way is prepared.’  ‘Who will take up the Sword and Shield and stand apart from the crowd?’ they asked in loud voices and the reverberations of  their voices seemed to be carried by strong winds which stretched with great ferocity to the four corners of the earth, 

Then I saw myself raise my hand and position myself apart from a large group of people,  and as I looked behind me, the group seemed to stretch for miles.  Then as I made the effort to separate myself from this multitude of people behind me, a large group of warriors suddenly appeared all around me, and some were men and women surrounding me, and others were angels; and some were armed with swords, and others with rods, staffs, and musical instruments.  And then, as I started to turn around to look at the group that had assembled around me, fiery darts started flying towards me with great speed.  And I heard The Lord say in a Warning Voice;  ‘Stay within the group, your safety is within the group.’  Then as I stepped back to join the warrior group, the fiery darts though still coming in my general direction, no longer could come anywhere near me to cause me harm or distraction.

Then the Lord said: ‘The timing of the formation of My Armies is at hand; and I have called leaders, such as yourself, to lead them to their assignments and destinations
with loving, revelatory guidance and with keen insight and an unwavering desire to walk in the truth.’  ‘For the next 30 months shall be a testing time for the Truth of God,’ said The Lord,  ‘and many will fall under the weaponry and deceptions of the enemy.’  ‘Yet, My Glorious Armies will stand and prepare the way for the coming of My Dear Son,’ declared The Lord, ‘the time of the Great Assembling has come.’


The Mountain of Zion Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 10/04/20

The Lord showed me a mountain and there were mountain climbers at various stages of their climb on the mountain.
 And I heard the Lord say:  ‘the Zionists of old were knocked off the mountain at Versailles, although I upheld them in their struggles, and brought My Will to pass in the following decades of their journey.  But the losses they suffered were of great magnitude, because of the deceptions of the enemy, which remained unchecked, and bred hatred across the nations of the earth, and this has caused me to weep for the suffering of My People, who did not know My Voice in the Wilderness, nor did they heed My Voice or walk in My Power in those days .  Yet now, the children of Zion are rising and bringing forth a new day by My Spirit, for those that walk in the New Covenant brought about by the suffering of My Dear Son, shall see an establishment of My Purposes upon the earth, as they walk in obedience, and a New Anointing and Power of My Sovereign Hand shall be upon them, as a great shaking transforms nations and disrupts and emasculates the evil deceptions that have caused global darkness and suffering upon mankind.  For the age of Revelation is upon My True Church, and the few voices shall become many, as a Mighty Supernatural River flows with great precision to change the hearts of human kind.  Yes, New Zion is being birthed within the hearts of many in this hour, said the Lord, as they huddle in their houses. because of an enemy they do not recognise.  And I am bringing sight to the blind and illuminating their pathways, and they are climbing up the mountain of Zion, and they shall plant their flags of victory at the top of My Mountain, as they breath in the Holy Fire of My Presence.  For I am Yahweh and spoke them into existence, and their destinies are waiting to be fulfilled, said the Lord of Hosts, and this is the hour of their rising which shall achieve a glorious purpose in this season, that I have appointed for liberation and salvation.

The Daniel 12 Impartation Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 15/04/20


The Lord took me by the hand and placed me at the side of a mighty river, as is mentioned in Ezekiel 47, and I knew by the Spirit, that this was the river coming down from the Holy Temple of God to cleanse, awaken, revive and bring glory, to those held captive upon the earth.  And I looked across the river, and there stood an angel dressed in white and gold and purple, on the other side of the water, holding a scroll which seemed to be very, large, and he suddenly started reading from the scroll and declared in a loud voice: ‘Daughter of Zion, tell the People of God that the scrolls, as mentioned in Daniel 12, in the Book of Life, are about to unfold.’ ‘And tell them that The Lord is awakening the people of the dust of the Earth, and they shall be empowered as Kingdom People, as they mix Kingdom Wisdom with Eagles Wings borne of the Spirit of God.’ ‘This will enable them to have sharp eyes in the Spirit Realm.’ ‘For the trajectory of the Knowledge of God, shall be limitless in the next 1335 days, as God brings about a pouring out of this River, for the establishment of the firstborn in this hour.’ ‘This shall come to pass so that the next generation, can bring about a great harvest in the days ahead.’ ‘Bring this message to those who have obedient hearts, and an ear to hear, and as their hearts receive this message, an impartation of spiritual commerce will come upon them.’  ‘For people will eat of this Word, but it will come at a cost of sacrifice, to secure this great blessing from the Father, as has been announced this day, which has been appointed by the Holy of Holies.’

             'The Mandates of The Spirit’

          Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere 03/05/20


11 Mandates Upon the Earth

  1. To Enrich the Habitation of My People.

  2. To increase the capacity of Spiritual Hunger for My Word,

  3. To Release a Flowing Out of the Torrential Rain of the Spirit Realm.

  4. To Open the Seals of Forgotten Scrolls,

  5. To Launch the Next Generation, So that That They Understand the Responsibility of Revival.

  6. To Drive Evil to An Appointed Place,

  7. To Utilise the Voice of Many Waters, as Tongues of Fire and Vehicles of Authority.

  8. To Bring Heavenly Music to Earth, as a Crescendo of Authority Brings Rise to a New Dawn

  9. To Walk as a Royal Priesthood Releasing Judgement & Wisdom as I Ordain.

  10. To Establish Works of Mercy That Shall Rescue & Restore Fragmented Souls,

  11. To Declare Destinies and Call Forth Revival, as I have Declared for the Coming Age. 


Then two edges of cliffs appeared before me, with a long rope bridge connecting them, 

and it was swaying in the breeze; and the drop below was deep and life threatening, as fire and smoke rose from it.  And 

the only way anyone could walk across the rope bridge was single file.  Then I heard the Lord say: ‘Let Not Fear of Taking Up the Challenge, Stop My Beloved from Walking Across The Plan of Rescue That I Have Provided.’  ‘For Holding Back and Clinging to Old World Patterns, Shall Lead to Certain and Death and Destruction.’ ‘For I Am Bringing a Cataclysm of Equal Manifestations in the Natural and Spiritual Realms, That Shall Rain Down Both Terror and My Glory at This Time, and Decisions at the Valley of Dry Bones, Shall Decide Outcomes of Whole Generations of Families and People Groups,’ said the Lord . ‘Make Them Understand the Importance of the Hour That They Are Now Living In,’ said the Lord of Hosts. ‘For the Driving Rain of My Spirit Shall Not Have Rest in the Coming Days, and the Surging Current of the Waters of My Spirit Shall Bring About Waves of Power and Authority to Those Who Dare to Trust Me, in Very Great Measure.’ ‘My Watchmen Shepherds Shall Call Forth the Hour and My Remnant Shall Heed Their Voices, as the Birthing of Melchizedek Nations Comes to Pass,’ said the Lord Amighty.

The Seven Spirits of the Heavenly Realm Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 09/05/20

The Lord says:  ‘In this hour, I am releasing the Seven Spirits of My Heavenly Realm upon My Remnant, to those who stand ready with arms extended across the nations of the earth.  And they shall walk in a greater depth of My Spirit, as I am  readying these chosen ones for war.’  ‘For the seals are being broken and the marking of the nations is at hand, and I am assembling the sheep of my pastures,’ said the Lord.  ‘For I am causing the seven horns and the seven eyes of My Spirit to bring about a greater understanding of heavenly truths, so that victories of great magnitude can be achieved in the spirit realm.’ ‘Battalions of Glory are being formed and shaped, as humility and perseverance replace attitudes of pride and entitlement amongst mankind,’ declared the Lord.  ‘For My House has been cluttered with stumbling blocks that have injured and impeded My Children, but as they arise with new hearts, the inheritance and the activity of My Seven Spirits shall be launched to catapult My People beyond imagined realities.  For the time of wonders is at hand, says the Lord of Hosts,let them take their portion and do My Will.

Heading 6
Heading 6

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The Flash Flood Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 18/10/30

The Lord took into a vision and I was standing at the very top of the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona in America;  and I was looking down at the three mile drop below me, and I could see sheep that were walking together very slowly towards the east on a dry river bottom. 

These sheep seemed very apathetic and would stop to eat from time to time, and though they seemed to be going in the same general direction, the flock of sheep were scattered and their wanderings seemed very aimless indeed.  Then I saw several miles upstream on the dry river bottom, a fast moving flash flood coming from east to west; and headed straight for the flock of sheep, which concerned me greatly. 

I tried to call out to warn the sheep; but my voice just echoed against the high cliffs of the rock canyon, and was carried away by the wind, time and time again.  Then I heard The Lord say:  ‘My Sheep have yet to understand the all encompassing changes that My Spirit is bringing across the nation of America and many nations across the earth.’  ‘For My Children journey as sheep, knowing the general direction; but not understanding the crucial timing and immediacy of the moment.’  ‘And just as Arizona stands in a cliffhanger about their part in the United States Presidential Elections in this hour,’ declared The Lord, ‘so My People hide under the trauma of COViD-19; choosing to hide in indecision, rather then be swept away by the waters of My Spirit, which requires them to have total trust in Me.’

‘The Rushing Waters of My Spirit are coming, and   My People must position and prepare themselves,’ said The Lord,  ‘for I am changing the dry river bottoms of this earth to places immersed by My Spirit, and if My People choose not to flow with the direction of My Leading, as they cling to a life of barrenness; because this is what they are comfortable with, anxiety, fear and confusion shall be the inevitable result.’

‘Tell My People to Flow with Me,’ said The Lord, ‘for the Water of My Spirit is rising in the lost and forsaken places, and a new hour is springing forth, as My Remnant declares My Name and chooses to walk in My Ways.’ ‘Tell them this is the hour of decision, ‘declared The Lord of Hosts, ‘and I will not leave them nor forsake them.’


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