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Autumn 2023 Word of the Lord

The Garden Vision given to
Leisa Ebere on 27/09/23

he Lord took me into a vision and I was walking barefoot with a white garment on, through a beautiful garden, full of gardenias, beside Jesus, holding His hand, and though the light was so bright emanating from Him, I could not see His face, the comfort of being with Him made me want to sing with happiness.  

Then I heard the Lord say, ‘The essence of My Spirit will be engulfing My True People, in this hour.’ ‘For I have seen their suffering, and I do not take this lightly,’ said the Lord.  ‘Tell them, I will raise up greater inspirations by My Spirit, so that My People can see My Light in the darkest days.’. ‘For through these inspirations, they shall breathe in the scent of triumph, and stand in faith more readily, as i sweep My Rivers into the earthly realm and overcome the earthly armies like I did with the River Kishon, in the days of Deborah.’

‘Tell them and say,’ said the Lord, ‘Remember, My People, I have placed you in the days, where there are many sons and daughters of disobedience.’ ‘And though they spurn and accuse you, they are the ones outside of My Favour, full of suffering and pain, far greater than you.’. ‘For I, the Lord, have destined My People, in contrast, to live long lives, full of the youthfulness of their former days.’. ‘And disease nor calamity, shall be their portion, for they shall partake of the wonderments of My Glory, during these dark days.’

And He looked down tenderly at me and said:  ‘Tell My People, also, to Breathe in the fresh scent of heaven, as even now; I AM bringing My Children into a springtime season, despite the harsh winter which envelopes the world in this time of great discouragements.’ ‘For I declare that My Power rules heaven and earth, and I can and will, turn My People’s mourning into joy, as My People trust in Me.’. ‘And I Am stirring a great Polydipsia (excessive thirst) amongst the righteous, and the rivers of the earth that I pour upon them; shall bring about waves of My Spirit in Tsunami proportions in future generations to come.’ ‘Be Not Dismayed,’ said the Lord of Hosts; ‘and Tell My People, That I Will Perform a Good Work Among Them.’ ‘Amen.’. Then the Vision ended.


             'The Mandates of The Spirit’

          Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere 03/05/20


11 Mandates Upon the Earth

  1. To Enrich the Habitation of My People.

  2. To increase the capacity of Spiritual Hunger for My Word,

  3. To Release a Flowing Out of the Torrential Rain of the Spirit Realm.

  4. To Open the Seals of Forgotten Scrolls,

  5. To Launch the Next Generation, So that That They Understand the Responsibility of Revival.

  6. To Drive Evil to An Appointed Place,

  7. To Utilise the Voice of Many Waters, as Tongues of Fire and Vehicles of Authority.

  8. To Bring Heavenly Music to Earth, as a Crescendo of Authority Brings Rise to a New Dawn

  9. To Walk as a Royal Priesthood Releasing Judgement & Wisdom as I Ordain.

  10. To Establish Works of Mercy That Shall Rescue & Restore Fragmented Souls,

  11. To Declare Destinies and Call Forth Revival, as I have Declared for the Coming Age. 


Then two edges of cliffs appeared before me, with a long rope bridge connecting them, 

and it was swaying in the breeze; and the drop below was deep and life threatening, as fire and smoke rose from it.  And 

the only way anyone could walk across the rope bridge was single file.  Then I heard the Lord say: ‘Let Not Fear of Taking Up the Challenge, Stop My Beloved from Walking Across The Plan of Rescue That I Have Provided.’  ‘For Holding Back and Clinging to Old World Patterns, Shall Lead to Certain and Death and Destruction.’ ‘For I Am Bringing a Cataclysm of Equal Manifestations in the Natural and Spiritual Realms, That Shall Rain Down Both Terror and My Glory at This Time, and Decisions at the Valley of Dry Bones, Shall Decide Outcomes of Whole Generations of Families and People Groups,’ said the Lord . ‘Make Them Understand the Importance of the Hour That They Are Now Living In,’ said the Lord of Hosts. ‘For the Driving Rain of My Spirit Shall Not Have Rest in the Coming Days, and the Surging Current of the Waters of My Spirit Shall Bring About Waves of Power and Authority to Those Who Dare to Trust Me, in Very Great Measure.’ ‘My Watchmen Shepherds Shall Call Forth the Hour and My Remnant Shall Heed Their Voices, as the Birthing of Melchizedek Nations Comes to Pass,’ said the Lord Amighty.

The ‘Shamina’ Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 24/09/23

There is life in the ruins of the Present Day,’ declared the Lord.  ‘For though rubble may be the inevitable result of an earthquake, new life will spring forth, as new flower buds open and blossom as symbols of hope amidst devastation’ explained the Lord.  ‘For though the bread of adversity sits heavily upon the nations of the earth, at this time,’ announced the Lord, ‘be not dismayed, for I AM allowing such things to strip away the blockages that have caused great injustice to abound across the nations in your day.’

‘Many cry out to false Gods like Minerva for their  wisdom and their justice, but such things are unobtainable without My solemn intervention’ said the Lord, God, Almighty.

‘The drumbeats are sounding,’ declared the Lord,  ‘for I AM signalling that a new day is upon you’ ‘Can you not discern the markings of this hour?’ ‘For the same message that I wrote to Belshazzar in the days of Daniel.’ said the Lord, ‘is happening today.’ ‘For he had been found wanting and I passed the Kingdom he ruled to the Medes and the Persians,’ said the Lord.  ‘And so, in a similar way, I, the Lord of Hosts, AM transitioning the nations of the earth; as i cleanse and sift the peoples of many nations and as I position My Remnant for favour and provision in the days ahead,’ said the Lord.  ‘You are My Legacy,’ said the Lord,  ‘do you think that I would leave you wanting.’ ‘Do not judge your circumstances by emotional turmoil or earthly  measurements.’  ‘For I, the Lord, have appointed times and seasons, open doors and open arms, to ensure your success.’. ‘And so, walk into the unseen realm in the full knowledge that My Glory and Favour are upon you at this time.’  ‘And cast down all barriers that would keep you from eating at My table,  as My divine favour surrounds you like a shield, and I will ensure that you do not fail,nor falter,’ declared the Living God, ‘This is the hour of ‘Shamina,’ for My Bride shall see her finest hour, as I have ordained her to be ‘a stunning woman’ as she the Lord’s Excellent Bride, excels and achieves great things for the Kingdom of God in this age of transition and change,’ declared the Lord of Hosts,


The Daniel 12 Impartation Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 15/04/20


The Lord took me by the hand and placed me at the side of a mighty river, as is mentioned in Ezekiel 47, and I knew by the Spirit, that this was the river coming down from the Holy Temple of God to cleanse, awaken, revive and bring glory, to those held captive upon the earth.  And I looked across the river, and there stood an angel dressed in white and gold and purple, on the other side of the water, holding a scroll which seemed to be very, large, and he suddenly started reading from the scroll and declared in a loud voice: ‘Daughter of Zion, tell the People of God that the scrolls, as mentioned in Daniel 12, in the Book of Life, are about to unfold.’ ‘And tell them that The Lord is awakening the people of the dust of the Earth, and they shall be empowered as Kingdom People, as they mix Kingdom Wisdom with Eagles Wings borne of the Spirit of God.’ ‘This will enable them to have sharp eyes in the Spirit Realm.’ ‘For the trajectory of the Knowledge of God, shall be limitless in the next 1335 days, as God brings about a pouring out of this River, for the establishment of the firstborn in this hour.’ ‘This shall come to pass so that the next generation, can bring about a great harvest in the days ahead.’ ‘Bring this message to those who have obedient hearts, and an ear to hear, and as their hearts receive this message, an impartation of spiritual commerce will come upon them.’  ‘For people will eat of this Word, but it will come at a cost of sacrifice, to secure this great blessing from the Father, as has been announced this day, which has been appointed by the Holy of Holies.’

Eagle Flying

Ezekial 17:3-8

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