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Firecracker Prophecy given to Clare King 2017

Look for the firecrackers says the Lord, for in this new season there will be those I set alight with my glory as a sign to others that this is a new day, a new time, a new move of my glory.


And in this glory my light will be seen, a reflection of the glory that is to come. See I am coming says the Lord, the time is at hand when all will see my glory for it will be plainly seen. Look for the firecrackers, for those set alight with my glory in this last move will be the forerunners of my light to come. This is the time to lay hold of my promises, to receive the word promised to you in days gone by. For now is the time of its fulfilment so that you might be brought to the fullness of all that I have for you.The days are short and there is much that I have prepared for you to do.


So lay hold of the promises, the gifts, the word received so that you might be in the fullness of all that I have for you. For this is not a time of holding back but of striving forward to lay hold of all the works destined for you, the gifts promised to you to see my word to you fulfilled in these latter days says the Lord. For my promises to you are yea and Amen. So shall it be for you in these latter days. This is a time to consecrate yourselves to my will and purposes so that my plans and destiny for you will be made complete. So set yourself apart and receive from me all that I have purposed for you. In this way you will be firecrackers that bring and announce the coming glory.

The  Signposts of Revival Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere June 12 2019


The goodwill of harbingers is at hand.  And so seven announcements shall be coming forth and released in a series of presences of My Spirit. For clearly signposts of revival shall appear in habitable spaces born of My Spirit and I shall release them upon My People to confirm My Will, says the Lord:

  1. An authority to smite the enemy

  2. A song of deliverance to envelope the United Kingdom.

  3. Radiant & Overshadowing Miracles across several nations.

  4. A Spacial Awakening of the Body of Christ. This space inhabited by My Remnant shall be occupied, says the Lord of Hosts.

  5. Breezes shall turn into High Winds as conviction and weeping causes massive salvation numbers across many nations.

  6. A son of the Royal House of Windsor shall preach the gospel.

  7. A sanctification of many in the political arena across the UK, France, and the US, shall come to pass.

The extremities of man are shackled, says the Lord, as a spirit of deception keeps them tied to worldly injustices.  Rise up My people and recognise My stamp of authority upon your lives.  I have not called you to be ineffective, shy and retiring; but mighty through Me.  Let the equipping begin as My Spirit goes forth, says the Lord of Hosts.

The Land of the Cherry Blossoms Prophecy

given to Leisa Ebere, 19 June 2019

The Lord says: The marshlands that have been allowed to take precedence in the spirit realm shall no longer have the upper hand across the nation of Japan and many nations of the Earth.  For I am releasing a stabilizing anointing of My Spirit in the Land of the cherry blossoms, to cause the shifting ground to stand still; as My People rise to stand in their appointed places.  The harassment of the enemy shall be halted and fertile ground be established, says the Lord.  Heed not the calculations of man, for only I hold the keys to the future.  A mighty war cry shall be heard, as I rally My People to perform mighty exploits in the days ahead; and visionaries shall receive clarity and lead My People to victory in that place.  The dark habitation which has been the continual frustration of My People in Japan, shall be a former thing that passes away, says the Living God.  For better days for My Remnant are at hand, says the Lord.  But the breaking of the cast iron fixtures formed and shaped by man must begin, says the Lord, for I shall have no other gods before Me.  Receive My Freedom and Receive My Blessings, says the Lord, as you choose to walk a new path of righteousness.  Break forth with singing, My sons and daughters, for I am sending delivering angels to avenge your pain, says the Lord of Hosts.

      Vision of the Stone Enclosures

On March 6, 2019, as I was praying; the Lord caught me up and took me above the Earth and He showed me stone enclosures around His people keeping them bound  I saw many of these enclosures dotted throughout the UK and other countries of the Earth. These enclosures looked like crudely built structures with tall stones wedged together and those inside the structures were still being battered by wind and rain almost constantly.  Then the Lord spoke to me that there is a stone avalanche coming from His Holy Mountain; and that although He is trying to get His People to come out of the stone enclosures; that many will not and some will be trapped under the rocks and be denied the life giving sustenance of His Spirit.  This will happen because they refuse to leave the place that is keeping them bound; as they think they are safe within the stone enclosures even though they are still very exposed to outside elements.  ‘I then asked, ‘But Lord can these people not be rescued from the rocks?’ and the Lord said: ‘I have special rescue teams assigned for this task and if the victims call out so the teams can find them, then most assuredly they will be found.’ ‘But if they do not cry out and identify their need for help, then darkness will prevail in their lives.’ I then asked the Lord, ‘when will the avalanche come,’ and I heard the Lord say: ‘Seven transitions of time will occur whilst My dispensation of Grace for this season is released; and My Spirit will stir  those who will hear My Call.'. When the Vision ended I had a strong sense the stone enclosures were religious churches and groups where the Spirit of God is stifled or indeed hindered, by religious mindsets and man's agendas, causing the people within them to be exposed to 'outside elements' or oppressive spiritual attacks of the enemy.  And even though in their minds these people are convinced that they are safe, they have been sadly deceived and they are in danger.

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