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5 Flags Prophecy

The Five Flags Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 17/10/19 I saw five flags waving on Parliament Hill in Canada and I saw dragons flying around the flags, as fire from the dragon's mouths shot out and they attempted to burn the flags. And I saw Angels holding shields to cause the fire to ricochet and go another direction. I then heard the voice of the Lord thundering down and He said: 'The enemy seeks through the chants and declarations of Satanists, to darken the light I planted there through the Toronto Blessing.' 'But I shall cause an even greater expansion of that region and across Canada by My Spirit, as America too is swept up in the Brightness of My rising.'. Then I saw cities surrounded by darkness and I saw that the darkness was washed away by golden raindrops from heaven, and I saw several large angels guarding the cities of Ottawa and Toronto, as the darkness was washed away and I saw that the angels used their hands to scoop up the golden raindrops and that the raindrops turned into mighty shofars and I heard the Lord say: 'What has been before is nothing compared to what shall be.' 'For the seasons of My mighty power are yet to come,' and then I saw the angels blow their shofars loudly, and somehow... I knew that they were declaring the true spiritual awakening of North America and that the beginning of the end time harvest had begun. And then the Lord showed me a waterfall and I saw how the water was spilling out and flooded across the land with golden liquid and then I heard women's voices singing loudly in the Spirit. Then the Lord said: 'This time man will not try to control the deluge of My Spirit for they shall be swept away and receive a purifying and transforming anointing... where tears and national repentances shall release expansive life changes, as people are renewed by My Spirit.' And I heard the Lord say, ' And as a sign to you, I shall cause the voices of the Satanists to be silenced in Ottawa, as a great deception is exposed and an evil leader is deposed. '

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