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The Fire Boundary Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 07/03/20

I saw a writing instrument marking with fire, and I saw it draw a boundary line around God's people, and those inhabiting His Presence upon Mount Zion. And I saw there was a special place of fierce heat that they stood, as the smoke drove away all enemy attacks. Then the Lord reminded me of Zechariah 2, and I heard the Lord say: 'I am sending angels to all those who inhabit villages without walls, across the nations of the earth, and I will put a wall of fire all around them, says the Lord, and I will be as Glory in their midst.' For you who have had to live with the daughter of Babylon, and endure hardships because of her, shall sing and rejoice, for I shall dwell in your midst, said the Lord, and many nations shall join themselves with Me, in this hour. I will reside in your midst, and they will know that the Lord of Hosts, secures with His power, all those that choose holiness and the Spirit Led life. Be still, all flesh before Me, for I Am stirred from My holy habitation, and I Am stretching forth My arm of transition in this hour, and the four winds of heaven that have spread you this way and that, throughout the earth, shall now begin to release a roll call, as the glorious saints stand up and are empowered by My Spirit to bring in a harvest.

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