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The Splintering Fence Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere, 06/03/20

I saw a large hand come down from heaven and crash down upon a fence, and I saw it split asunder. And I saw it splinter and some of the splinters and flying debris hit some of the people who were watching things happen, but they refused to move, as they felt their duty was only to watch and endure the pain. Then I heard the Lord say, 'I have not called them to endure the pain but to overcome it.' 'For I am breaking down walls to help them, not to hurt them.' 'If My People only took the Time to Know Me, they would realise every good and perfect thing comes from above.' 'I will awaken them from slumber and deliver them from a bitterness against Me, that has brought them no comfort.' 'The burden is not theirs to carry and so, I will remove it from their shoulders.' 'This deception is being exposed by My Spirit and will be dealt with, as these poisonous darts of the enemy are removed from the hearts of men.' 'And so, I shall cause tender shoots to come up green and lush, through the rough hewn stones,' said the Lord of Hosts.

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