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The Rising of the Dry Bones Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 18/02/20

The Lord took me into a vision, to a very desolate place, and it was extremely quiet there, as if it had been forgotten and forsaken entirely. And then as I looked in the distance, I saw the valley of the dry bones, as is spoken of in Ezekial 37, and I saw that there were snake pits throughout the valley and that certain bones were being blown into the snake pits over and over again. Then I heard the Lord say, ' Those who will not rise when My Prophets extend Words from My Throne Room, shall fall into deeper deception.' 'But those who rise and walk towards the Brightness of My Rising, shall be connected and empowered for a glorious purpose.' Then I saw an angel fly with what looked like weights and measures and that he had positioned himself on a high hill above the valley, and I saw there was a legion of angels standing with him and some were blowing shofars and others were singing in a mighty assembly on that hill. Then the Lord proclaimed in a loud thunderous voice, 'The gathering of My People shall not be stopped by Unbelief or Deceptions.' 'For the testimony of humanism and traditions of men shall pass away and be labelled as foolishness, as My Sovereign hand moves upon the Nations of the earth.' 'For My Glory shall be released to free the captives and to protect the innocent and My forbearance of this present age is coming to end,' said the Lord of Hosts.

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