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Angelic Warning given to Leisa Ebere on 15/12/19

I saw an angelic messenger riding upon a fast steed, with a warning being given to the Kingdom Remnant within the UK, 'That a dark wind of malicious and malcontented voices are arising out of the South, as the enemy seeks to stir up a tidal wave of hindrances against the Lord's Purposes.' He also spoke his message and said: 'That

there are rooted animosities from days gone by, that have undermined all trust between Germany and the UK, and these demonic hordes have caused much brokenness and unrest, and this shall continue throughout Brexit negotiations and beyond.' He further urgently warned that the Lord's People must declare peace, and love their enemies, despite the roots of iniquity that lie deep within the hearts and minds of people in the EU countries and the UK.' For he declared, 'True Discernment must be utilised and love not hate shown.'. 'For hatred has no place in God's Kingdom.' He said: Let there be intercessors and prophetic seers to see and understand trouble arising from prevailing winds of the south.' He added: ' The Lord is cleansing the UK and the people within it, so that they may be advocates of change, as transformation stampedes across the nations of the Earth.' He declared: 'This is not a breaking away, but a remoulding of dry and hardened clay.'. "And the Lord of Hosts is adding the water of His Spirit for all nations, as His revival is close at hand.'

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