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Los Angeles Earthquake Vision given to Leisa Ebere, November 10-12, 2019

The Lord has been giving me a prophetic vision over several days, warning that a mighty and terrible Earthquake shall be coming upon Los Angeles, California IMMINENTLY. And I saw buildings and bridges crashing down and cars being crushed and people being killed and injured, as they were trapped in the rubble, and I saw a large yellow and brown-tinged haze of dust covering the city, as some people, (the survivors), rose from the city with that same dust upon their faces and clothes. And they were walking towards their appointed places of authority within that city. Then I heard the Lord say: 'My Terrible Shaking Must Come for the Dead to Rise and Heed My Voice.' 'For I Will No Longer Tolerate the Abominations Widespread Across the City of Los Angeles.' 'My Mercy has held back the hands of My Angels, as mentioned in Revelation 7, far too long.' ' Selah, My Heart Grieves For What Must Come, My Child,' said the Lord of Hosts.

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