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Throne Room Prophecy

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Throne Room Revelations of Peoples and Nations given to Leisa Ebere during the last week of September 2019

The Lord has been waking me up throughout this last week, (intermittently at night), speaking to me about the Nations of the Earth and the Body of Christ; and I heard the Lord say. 'I am not pleased with this life and death struggle which has arisen between men and women and the UK remaining or leaving the EU.' 'For my heart is for the nations. not just one nation,' said the Lord. ‘And I am Moving in such a way that a sweeping of my Sovereign Hand shall cause Cleansing and a Great Positioning of the nations of the Earth, and the Body of Christ; for My Divine Purposes.’ Then I saw many beautiful women with eloquent voices spewing political rhetoric and their beautiful faces turned into faces of demons with doglike features. And I heard the Lord say: 'My adversary is using this forum to cause My people to hate each other and separate from My true purposes, which is to bring My Word and My Love to the nations of the Earth.' And I say to you, 'That the demonic forces of the enemy are manipulating both sides of this issue, to halt the Great Commission that I have set before you, My People.' ‘Understand your divine destinies, My Children,’ said the Lord, ‘and bring back My faraway sons and daughters and gather the nations of the Earth in My Name.' 'And though you cannot see My Sovereign Will is at work in this hour across the British isles and beyond, have faith and be comforted that I am in control, My People.' ‘And I declare to you, that the UK shall be separate; but it shall also still have influence over the nations.’ I then asked the Lord: 'Why are you using ungodly men and women in high political positions to carry out Your will?' And I heard the Lord say: 'Because many men and women in My Kingdom have pharasaical and religious mindsets, which are counterproductive to My Will and are in truth, witchcraft abominations in My sight.' 'For prayers are being prayed without seeking My Will for the Earth and all of its' inhabitants.'. 'I have come to set the captives free.' said the Lord, 'not to protect the elite.'. 'And I shall cause the vulnerable chicks to be gathered under My Wings.'

The Lord then took me to the book of Zechariah 6 and He said: ‘I have released heavenly horses and riders throughout the Earth to release My Power, Revelation, Godly Order and Judgements.’ ‘And I say to you, that as from the Prophet Zechariah’s time to Nehemiah’s time, where four generations came and went, so is the time yet to come for revival harvest to fully occur in the context of this age.’ ‘For a great positioning must transpire before the Walls of My Kingdom can be firmly built and for My People to rise up and flourish.

Then I saw that I was suddenly at a meeting of a well-known ministry, and I further saw that the Leaders would not let the people attending the meeting take part in any way; and that the people could only observe what was happening. And the Leaders were joining hands and walking in a clockwise, circular fashion and I heard the Lord say: ‘Many Leaders in My Body are trying to control people and they even try to control time to bring about a blockage of My Spirit, so that their agendas take precedence.’ Then a Woman Leader approached me in my vision and said to me in a forceful voice: ‘Do you not remember, that I am meant to Father you, this is the way you should go?’ And I saw that this woman was very masculine in all of her ways. Then I heard the Lord say, ‘This evil woman, Jezebel, has entered into the politics of nations and into the leadership of many ministries and churches within My Kingdom; but I have released heavenly horses and riders to cast her down and break her power over the Peoples and Nations of the Earth.’ For My Love for My People is Great and I have decreed that a shaking is coming about to Release transformation and victory into dark places.’

Then the Lord showed me a boat with people on it, travelling up a mighty river canal and I saw that at exactly 11 am, the boat exploded; and I further saw that there were two Christians on the boat. Then the Lord showed me, that one Christian died from the explosion, and one survived; and that the survivor was flung from the boat when the explosion happened, into the River; and was swimming strongly with the current of the River. And I heard the Lord say: ‘Those that remain after the shaking shall be stronger and more aligned with My Spirit, and these I will entrust to carry out My Will and My Message to the Lost and to the Destitute, in the days ahead, for these are precious in My Sight.’ I then asked the Lord: ‘And what of the Christian that was killed, Father God?’ And He Said, ‘My mercy endures forever and such as these cannot endure the hardships of the things to come and so, I will gather them unto Me.’

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