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The Enoch & Elijah Collective Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 30/10/19

I hear the Lord say: 'A day is as a thousand years and the dispensation of the end days is upon you My People.' Cling not to temporal things for such things shall pass away, but My mercy endures forever. The slaughter of the next generation shall be abated, for no longer will infants and young people be sacrificed to idols of pride. I am restoring the lost generations of the last 40 years and the pendulum of the clock is now ticking for those that have taken matters of creation into their own hands. I am causing an Army of Prophetic Seers to rise up and root out those that would defile and destroy that which I have named pure and holy. For the billows of smoke which have arisen due to deceptions caused by Leviathan, has been made worse still by the self idolatry of humankind and their perceived needs. A new ability which will enable sharpness and clarity within spiritual thought lives shall be poured out upon My People and shall cause the great divide between the natural and spiritual realms to be greatly lessened. This transformational anointing is being loosed upon the cities and nations of the Earth and shall cause such a like-mindedness amongst My People, that has never been experienced before, and My people shall understand that it has only come about by the interworkings My Spirit. I declare to you, My People, I am gathering a collective of Spirit Led fire starters, who have come out of the frailties of their bodies and natural mindsets, to a place far deeper and far richer than they have ever imagined, as My Sovereign hand sweeps all distractions from their midst. I am raising up an Enoch and Elijah collective that shall be taken up into the heavenlies and will be able to dispel darkness. Such men I took in such a way, for they like the angels, go to and fro, to the 4 corners of the Earth and release the winds of My heavenly forces to block the onslaught of evil that seeks to consume My creation. For I have ordained a path of destiny for My sons and daughters to walk in My Glory, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against them, says the Lord of Hosts, and they shall walk in My Glory and My Might.

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