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The 'Filaments of Fire' Vision given to Leisa Ebere on 23/01/2020

Whilst I was praying, after receiving a lengthy and powerful Word of the Lord, from a Canadian Prophet, I suddenly had a vision of a steep, white marble staircase going directly into the heavenly realm, and as I rushed to start climbing up the stairs, I found that though my heart was eager, my body grew weakened from the climb... and then, I saw two angels appear and they started helping me up the stairs. As I ascended the stairs, I looked from side to side and saw colours of pastel pinks and purples and entry ways, which looked almost watery in their translucence, and I tried to ask the angels where we were going, as their hands seemed to be guiding me to a certain destination? But neither one spoke to me, though they looked at me kindly. Then I heard a voice declare from a higher place in the heavenly realm, and say: 'Daughter, I have fashioned filament ribbons of fire to wrap around you, and so shall this be for those who endure the testing and chastisement of My Sovereign Hand.'. Then the angels led me through one if the translucent entry ways to the right, and I saw a large number of angels of various sizes and shapes, hard at work weaving together these' filaments of fire.' And then several angels fluttered around me and wrapped the 'filament of fire,' around my entire body, and stood back to assess their handiwork. Then a very tall angel appeared in front of me and said: 'You have been granted a holy encasenent of the Spirit of The Lord, and this shall give you the grace to perform miracles, across the nations of the Earth.' Carry this anointing carefully and wisely, Daughter of Zion, and the wells of The Lord's Anointing,' shall not run dry. i then saw other people coming up the marble stairs for their 'filament fittings' and suddenly, I was at the bottom of the stairs. Then I heard a loud voice from the heavenly realm shout: 'Go and spread My fire!'

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