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The Heavy Anvil Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere, on 13/12/19

I saw a heavy anvil slamming down on a long piece of metal, and I heard the Lord say, 'My Children have asked me for amendments in the nation of the UK, and so, I have granted their requests, despite disobedience in the camp. But I say to you in the days ahead, that hard sacrifices will be required for transformation to come to the nation of Great Britain. For the way will not be easy as they suppose, for many who are within My Body have their mindsets firmly entrenched with the enemy. 'And just as the children of Israel murmured in the desert, so shall many murmur against Me during this age of transformation, for I tell you truly, that disobedience and a religious mindset has brought a need for My intervening hand,' declared the Lord. Be not fooled, Boris Johnson is not your Savior, for he is only a small breeze in a major wind storm. Look up and get true revelation from Me, said the Lord, and I shall guide you through this desert journey. Then I saw an hour glass being turned over and I saw the sand running down into the lower chamber, and the Lord said: 'The hard sacrifices must be made to birth nations of My choosing, and who will agree to submit to the weights and measures, yet to come?' For I am calling you up to greater heights in Me, not hiding you away in seclusion. It is time to stand, whilst My Anvil reshapes your hearts and minds, and for you to let love and the faithful strategies born of My Spirit, reflect in your lives.'

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