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The Scotland Arise Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 10/02/20

I heard the Lord say, I am stirring up fires of My Spirit in strategic places throughout Scotland. And I have heard the heart cries of intercessors in Peterhead, says the Lord, and so, My Sovereign Hand shall choose bulwarks, which shall stand as defensive walls around those that are hungry for the fires of revival in that place. And though spilled blood upon the ground of that land, has long caused it to be as an orphan and outcast under a curse, I am in this present day, gathering her to Myself, so that she will weep no more. Yea, and I shall raise up one from the house of Fargus, that shall have My mark upon their breastplate, and this one shall raise the battle cry, as an awakening causes a harvest and breaks the curse of the enemy. Yea, I say to you, Scotland, your time has come, says the Living God, and the armies of the Lord are ready for your battle cry.

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