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The Serpent Cleansing Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere 04/10/19

The Lord took me into the Sky and I looked down upon many fertile fields and saw before me, men and women, who were meant to be soldiers for the Lord standing with only partial armour on their bodies, and I saw that their breastplate of righteousness and belt of truth were not being worn at all, and then I saw that serpents of deception had crawled inside of them and that these serpents were nested within the rib cages of these people affecting their vital organs. I saw that their heart and lungs were particularly affected, as their minds, and emotions had been poisoned by these serpents: and that they had lost the ability to breath in the Holy Spirit. These people I knew were Christians patterned after the world, with little or no victory in their lives. And then I saw large numbers of mighty prophet intercessors clapping their hands and singing high praises to God, and making declarations in loud voices with the divine purpose of driving these serpents out into the open, so that they could be utterly destroyed. And then the nesting of the snakes began unravelling themselves and leaving the people, as these infestations were cleared away entirely, and then I heard the Lord say:. 'The habitation of Leviathan amongst my people is coming to an end.'. 'For l am gifting My Remnant with a particular ability to drive this affliction away from the elect, so that they will no longer be deprived of My truth and the fullness of My Spirit.' This empowerment given to Prophetic Intercessors shall impact whole cities, as the awakening comes,' says the Lord, 'and legalism and man's control and tolerance of evil shall no longer rule and reign in My Body.'. For I am arraying My People with the full armament of My Habitation and places like Manchester and Leicester, Lincolnshire, and Coventry and Kent; and many cities and nations of the Earth, shall be irrevocably changed by My Spirit during this cleansing, says the Living God. 'For I shall cause My People to be a purified and be made a powerful habitation of My Spirit to abide, as Leviathan no longer is able to enter into their hearts.'. 'Rise up My Prophets and Apostles and declare War, as the season of deception and infiltration which has kept My People Blinded and Powerless will be no more,' says the Lord of Hosts.

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Ian M
Ian M

Appreciate thhis blog post

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