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The White Stallion and Orchestra Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere 29/09/19

I received a vision from the Lord concerning America and I saw a horse, a beautiful white stallion, who had gone lame; because the rider had carelessly ridden the horse hard over rocky mountains and muddy valleys, and harsh deserts; and had not taken care to give its' hooves the proper protection they needed. Then I saw a ferrier pounding out metal horse's shoes with an anvil and I saw that the shoes the horse had been wearing were bent and worn, and I knew that the horse had suffered much pain and damage to its' hooves and tendons, as a result. For My Body have walked in a place of presumption and many of the leaders I have appointed, have not sought My advice nor My Presence during their decision making, said the Lord. But what of President Trump and the Ukrainian dilemma he now finds himself in Lord, I asked? I appointed him as a maestro in My orchestra, said the Lord, but he has left out the wind instruments of My Spirit, and his lack of compassion and carelessness have opened the door for the enemy to come in, despite the magnificent music that has been played for My Kingdom's advancement, and now the music has stopped and the horse has gone lame. What can be done then Lord, I asked? And He answered, there must be repentance and a filtering out of pride and hard heartedness; for people are dying in the towns and the cities, as many would rather allow weapons to be taken up, rather than lift their prayers and voices unto me. 'My heart is sorrowful, said the Lord, for a favoured nation has allowed the horse to go lame and now the music has stopped.'

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