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The Year of Jubilee Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere, 22/12/19

The Lord showed me a vision of a Black Blanket over the nation of the UK, and He said: 'A blanket feels comfortable and warm, but for far too long My People have lain in a bed of compromise allowing darkness and light to mix together, but I shall remove this blanket and all hidden iniquities, and expose and deal with such things, as hidden treasures are then dispensed amongst my people.' For 2020, shall be a year of the distributing of an anointing of realignment, equipping and establishing across the UK, and the nations of the earth, as Kingdom revelation, truth and authority is allocated to My People in greater measure. It is time to stop standing on the outer boundaries and to move into My inner chambers, said the Lord, as My People walk in the Light of My Presence and trust Me in every area of their lives. Come out from the dark places and Arise My People, for this is your year of Jubilee, declared the Lord Almighty.

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