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Whirlwinds of the Spirit Prophecy given to Leisa Ebere on 13/02/20

In the next five years, 'Whirlwinds of My Spirit,' shall touch down and cause nations and whole people groups to experience holiness and power in such a lifechanging way, that eternal heavenly portals will be established, as heaven relates to earth in a deep and favourable dimension, not previously known or understood by mankind. A new vernacular of heavenly revelation and understanding will abide within My People, as My true and humble apostles and prophets arise to raise up a people ready and willing to walk into the fires of revival, casting off all fears as they go. For though I am already releasing supernatural signs and wonders to begin wedging open the doors of true harvest, a transitioning must occur first, so that My People can access higher revelation and understanding and My Power. Press into Me with all humility, said the Lord, for My Glory stands at your doors knocking, and yea, you must unlock the door and stand with expectancy and courage, as this current season of night turns into day.

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